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A sustainable salon

Updated: May 5, 2022

We’re proud to announce that 'Paint Hair' is one of the first salons in Hackney to join Green Salon Collective!

GSC will enable us to become a more sustainable, ethical businesses via their recycling, education & accreditation offerings, and in the space of just their first 6 months (Jul–Dec 2020), they have helped keep the following away from landfill:

ï Recovered over 400 kilograms of hair which will be used towards cleaning our waterways and help with gardening composting projects.

ï Recycled over 2.3 tonnes of used foil and colour tubes.

ï Recovered and recycled over 230 litres of leftover colour and bleach, plus over 200 kilograms of PPE & Plastic.

ï In addition, all of the profits raised from the commodity sale of these recycling processes have helped support local charities such as Haircuts4Homeless.

At Paint we pride ourselves on the same high ethics and standards of GSC, so this partnership is great for our clients and the wider community of Hackney and Clapton

For more info please contact Belinda

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